Thursday, April 1, 2010

Where to get coupons

Just thought I would share some of the places that I get coupons. The main place I get them from is the Sunday paper. I buy 4 of these every Sunday. If it is a week that has a lot like in January when there were 5 inserts then I buy more. I bought six that week. I get them at the Dollar Tree and they are only $1 ea. So the way I look at it is if I use 1 $1 coupon per paper then they paid for themselves. Of course I use TONS more then that!

Another good place to get them is from All You magazine. You can only buy this at Wal-Mart. You can subscribe also, but I have heard that subscribers don't get as many coupons as the ones from the store so I just buy one every month. The magazine is 2.20 I think and it is FULL of coupons so it usually pays for itself also.

Another source is printable coupons. You can get these from printable coupon sites or from manufacturer's sites. A few that I use are smartsource, red plum and You can usually get 2 of each coupon on these sites per computer. I have two computers that I use so for the really good ones I print 4.

Write manufacturers to get coupons. Either to compliment their products or even complain. Or you can just write and ask for coupons.

Another way is with Facebook. I have a separate facebook account that I use just for this. Alot of companies will give you coupons for free products just for becoming their friend on facebook. That is how I got a lot of my free coupons.

Be sure to ask friends, family and even neighbors that don't coupon if you can have whatever coupons they don't use. You would be surprised at how many people just throw them away (gasp). Some people have even been lucky enough to make deals with gas stations, stores etc to get their inserts on Mondays since they just throw them away! Most of the time they will just give them some of the free products they get. I wish I was that lucky!!

Well I hope that helps with some places to get the coupons from!

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