Monday, April 26, 2010


I just wanted to let you guys know that not only is it good to sign up for newsletters at manufacturer's sites of products you use, but you should go onto the websites of restaurants that you and your family enjoy going to! Even if it's one that you don't go to very often. Sign up for any clubs they have (like the blizzard club post before). We love Old Country Buffet. We don't go there very often, because it's about an hour away. I still signed up on their website and I got an email from them saying my meal is on them for my birthday! I haven't printed the coupon out yet so I don't know if it is a bogo coupon or just a free one, but either way it is AWESOME! Now I just have to talk hubby into driving an hour to eat! rofl

But seriously take some time and sign up you never know what kind of goodies you will get in your email!!

Here is the link to the site I got the coupon from. There are other restaurants besides Old Country Buffet at this site. Check it out and join the eclub to get free meals!! You get a coupon for a BOGO free just for joining the club! Go here and join now! Woohoo!

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