Thursday, April 1, 2010

Free OK magazine and Dove Ambassador

Woohoo I am so excited I had to share. You know how some sites post offers for free magazine subscriptions? Then you go to sign up just to find out they are all sold out :( Well I was lucky enough to get one to Weight Watcher's magazine for a year and I signed up to receive their emails. So every week almost I get emails for magazine subscriptions. Most of the time they are for business magazines or ones that I don't want. Or I see the email too late and the good ones are gone. Well today I was on my email and it popped up so I was able to score a free year subscription to OK magazine! Yay! That is a magazine I would buy so a year free is awesome to me!

I got an email last night to take a survey to see if I qualified to be a Dove Ambassador. I'm not sure if any answers qualify, but I took the survey and I qualified! I would post the link, but it said you have to be invited by email and use that email to sign up. So now I will be testing Dove's new products! I love all the testing sites, because they either send you their products to try or send you coupons for free products then all you have to do is review them! Most of the time they will include more high value coupons for you to pass along to friends or just to use to buy more of their product!!

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