Monday, April 26, 2010

Walgreens 4/26 & my mistake

Well I saw that deal on Hip2Save for the Schick Quattro money maker and I thought I would run over there and just get 1 before everyone saw the deal and they were gone. Plus there are so many deals going on I figured I'd pick up a few. Now usually I have all the coupons for all the deals in my purse for Walgreens. That way if they are out of something I can figure something else out. Well tonight I just grabbed a few coupons. :( That was my first mistake lol. Well they didn't have the razors at my Walgreens. There wasn't even a spot for them. They were out of the plackers, and they only had 1 Stayfree left. When you go to get the Stayfree be sure you only get the 16 or 24 packs those are the only ones for the RR's. So since they didn't have the razors or Plackers I had to rethink my scenario w/o any other coupons. I was planning on using the $5 RR from the nature's bounty, but since they were out of some stuff I decided to use a $2 & $2.50 one instead. There was my 2nd mistake I had my filler planned for 1 RR. So I get up to the register and grab one of those .59 suckers, b/c that would be just over my total. The cashier rings up my stuff and my coupons then I hand her the in ad q and the rr's. Well one goes through and the 2nd beeps. She tells me you can't use this one the rest is tax. So I say "$3.24 is tax!!??" She answers "yes" Then I think, Wait I don't have enough fillers since I'm using 2 RR's. Now there are a lot of cheap things to use as fillers as we know, but there were a bunch of people behind me. So I see these brownies next to me and I see "25" on them, so I am thinking they are .25. So I hand her it and ask her to add that and then try. Well the brownies were .99, the "25" I saw was part of the date!! AHHH! I just go ahead and get them. It wasn't a bad deal still, but the moral of the story is to always have a plan B! lol Sorry this was so long.

Here's what I got:

1 Sucker .50 (was supposed to be .59 for one so I still would have been messed up lol)

4 No Nonsense Knee Hi's 2/$1 - (2) $1/2 q's = free

1 Stayfree Maxi Pads $2.99- $2 q = .99

1 Skintimate Shave Cream $3.99

2 Scotch Packing Tape $3.79 - $1 printable (and .99 in ad q) = free

1 Cafe Brownie :( .99

- $5.60 (in ad q for scotch tape--always give these last if you have manu q's)
-$2 RR
-$2.50 RR

= $1.74 (.79 is tax) got (2) $3 RR's

Total savings w/o new rr's = $18.90

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