Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Free Dog Food!

If your dog eats Mighty Dog then this is a great week to stock up! I got all excited when I saw the coupon for the free can of Mighty Dog in the paper. Turns out that $3/5 coupon may as well say "5 free cans!!" So even if you only bought one Sunday paper this week that just gave you 6 cans of Mighty Dog for free!! I only know of 2 stores for sure that you can get them free, but I'm betting it is pretty much any store.

Family Dollar and Dollar General have the Mighty Dog on sale 5/$3 so that one just flip it and there is your coupon! LOL

Wal-Mart has these for .57ea (2.85/5) so they are paying you to buy the dog food!

AND don't forget there is a coupon for FREE 6 0z or 9 oz pouch of Purina Pure Plan Dry Dog Food or Dry Cat Food, any variety.

I just love free coupons!!

You may want to save the ones that actually say free on them (not the $3/5) for a BOGO store sale, because then that coupon turns into 2 free! yay!!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mail Call 3/27/10

Another good mail day Saturday!!

I got:

My rebate check for the Schick Titanium razor!! $9.94

(2) coupons for FREE Vitamin water!

Beneful sample from Wal-Mart with a $2 coupon

Dove Shampoo & Conditioner Sample + $1 coupon (for Wag's this week) :)

Pampers coupons

Jewel 3/26 2nd trip (included in pic below)

Here's what I got the 2nd trip:

2 Hazelnut creamers & 1 Italian cream creamer $1 ea = .75 yb + 1 free = .42 ea

1 Home Run Inn Pasta 3.95 - free q=free

1 Jewel Frozen strawberries (big bag) 7.29- free q=free

1 Floresta frozen ravioli 2.99 - free q=free

1 Family size bag El Monterey burritos 4.79- free q=free

1 Jose Ole Steak & Cheese burrito $1 - free q=free

1 Culinary Circle Lasagna 6.39 - free q=free

1 Super Pretzel 9 oz box 2.99- free q=free

1 Reames frozen egg noodles 2.35- free q=free

1 Edy's Ice Cream snack cup $1 -free q=free

2 Mountain dew 2 L's $1 ea = $1 yb= .50 ea

1 Hot Pockets Side Shots Buffalo Chicken
1 Hot Pockets Side Shots Cheeseburger $2.00 ea -1.50/2 q(cat)=$2 yb so .25 ea box

4 Banquet frozen dinners $1 ea - $1/4 q= .75 ea

-$4 off $40 catalina

-4.75 yb's from previous transaction

= 2.37 out of pocket and I have $3.75 in YourBucks left plus another $4/$40 q!!


Jewel trip 3/26

Next was Jewel. I only did 2 transactions here. I wish they were closer I would go SO much more!! I forgot to put the creamers in the first picture lol. yb=Yourbuck printed out after purchase good for next purchase. They also had a deal buy ten of the 10/$10 mix and match items and the 11th is free! I did the cereal deal wrong also or it would have been alot less. I didn't read the cat right..go figure lol

First Trip:

2 Mountain Dew 2L's 1.00 ea = $1 yb so .50 ea

3 Hazelnut Coffemate Coffee creamers $1 ea = $.75 yb + 1 was free so .42 ea

4 Banquet frozen dinners $1 ea - $1.50/4 printable q = .63 ea

2 Progressive soups $1 ea - .50/2 q = .75 ea

2 Jewel 4 lb sugars 1.88 ea = 1 yb so 1.38 ea

2 Honey Bunches of Oats 1.59 ea -$1/2 = $2 yb so .09 ea

2 Cocoa Pebbles 1.59 ea - $1/2 = 1.09 ea :(

1 Post Raisin Bran 1.59 - $2 printable = -.41 MM

Total : 15.99 (.28 tax) = the 4.75 in your bucks


Target Trip 3/26/10

I went to Target and Jewel Friday night and I am FINALLY getting around to posting. I got a bad cashier at Target. My first time this happened. She called a manager over, I had to show both of them the coupon policy, because they both tried to tell me I can't get something that is less than the cost of the coupon. So they scrutinized every coupon and rifled through my bags for at least 30-40 minutes. Makes me want to wait awhile before going to Target again! It really makes me mad when they do that, because I don't see them write the price they gave me on the coupon so when they redeem the coupon they will get the full price! Ok I'm done complaining. LOL.

Here's what I got:

1 Clorox Toilet Wand Starter Kit 8.99 -5.00 printable q= 3.99 (there is a $5 MIR for this!) So free + $1.01 MM

2 Willy Wonka gummies $1.39 - (2) $1 printable q= .39 ea

4 Starkist Tuna pouches .94 ea - (2) $1/2 q's = .44 ea

2 Cetaphil face cleansers 5.49 ea - (2) $5 printable q's = .49 ea

4 Gillette Body Wash 1.79 ea used (2) $4/2 q's but only got 1.79 so still free

4 Right Guard Trial Men's Deodorant .97 ea used (2) $2/2 printables, but only got .97 so free

4 Arm & Hammer Trial toothpastes .97 used (2)2.50/2 q's but only got .97 so free

2 Oral B Stage 3 Kids toothbrushes (Cars) 1.49 - $1 TQ + .50 MQ (x2ea)=Free

2 Oral B Stage 1 Kids toothbrushes (piglet & Eeyore) 1.49 - $1 TQ + .50 MQ (x2ea) = free

2 Ziploc Containers 1.67 ea - 1.50/2 q = .92 ea

2 Purina Cat treats .94 ea used $1/2 so .44 ea

4 Purina Party Cat treats 1.34 ea - (2) bogo q's and (2) $1 q's = .17 ea

1 Rolaids Soft Chews 18 ct 2.15
1 Rolaids 4 roll 2.29 used $4/2 (wow they scrutinized this one a LONG time and I paid MORE then the coupon anyway!) so .15 for one and .29 for the other

2 Bandaids 60 ct 1.50 used $1 TQ & .50 MQ (x2 ea)=free

1 Monopoly Deals Card Game 5.24 - $5 printable q (yep you guessed it about 5 mins on this coupon) = .24

10 Sobe waters 10/$10 - (4) BOGO q's = $6 and you get a $5 gc! so .10 ea!

So I paid 19.93 out of pocket (4.50 of this is tax)
I got a $5 gc and I have a $5 rebate so actually 9.93 with the tax!


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Kroger trip 3/23 take two

Okay for the second trip I got:

3 Bumble Bee tuna pouches @.49 ea - (3) .55/1 q's = free + .18 overage

1 Oscar Meyer Hot Dogs 1.49

2 Ken's Dressings @ 1.49 ea - (2) $1/1 q's= .49 ea

1 Ronzoni Smart Choice Pasta .75-.75 q=free

1 Kraft Shredded Cheese 1.67 ~ free q from online game took off 2.17=free + .50 overage (I forgot this was on my card and I also had a $1/1 q)

4 Snickers @ .50 ea - (2) .50/2 q's doubled = 4 free

1 6lb bag of Rachel Ray Noutrish dog food 8.24 - free q=free (Remember to sign up for that freebie, this coupon came with it)

Total I spent: .81 (.75 of this total is TAX!!!) Total savings: 32.33!!

Kroger trip 3/23

My first trip to Kroger for the Mega deals. The Mega Deal sale works where you buy 8 participating items and they take $4.00 off your total. So the prices I have below already reflect the .50 off.

This trip I got:

2 Kraft Cheese Singles @ 1.67 ea - $1/2 q= 1.17 ea

2 Bumble Bee Tuna @ .49 ea - (2) .55/1 q's = free +.12 overage

1 Oscar Meyer Bun length Hot Dogs 1.49

2 Ken's Dressings @ 1.49 ea - (2) $1/1 q's = .49 ea

1 Ronzoni Pasta Smart Choice @ .75 - .75 q=free

4 Snickers @ .50 ea - (2) .50/2 q's (doubled)=4 free!!

1 Helluva Good Jalapeno & cheese dip - Free coupon= free!

Total I spent: 4.56!!!! Total savings: 22.51

Mail Call

Wow I forgot to check my mail yesterday and when I checked it today the mailbox was stuffed full!! So I thought I would share what I got so you can see that it really does pay off to sign up for those freebies and the tasting sites!

What I got:
South Beach S'mores bar & $1/1 Box of South Beach Bars coupon

Go Red Light & Easy Cookbook

Berres Brothers Coffee Roasters sample~Highlander Grogg Flavor~Caramel, Butterscotch & Hazelnut blend....hmmm definitely sounds um interesting! LOL

All Bran Sample Pack w/ (2) $1/1 Box of All Bran Cereal coupons
~1 Sample of All Bran Wheat Flakes
~1 Sample of All Bran Bran Buds
~1 packet of Marigold seeds!!

1 Reusable shopping bag from Earthgrains

Kraft First Taste sent a coupon for a FREE 4 pack of Philadelphia minis & a coupon for $1/1 Philadelphia minis!

And last but not least some Disney stickers!!!

Woohoo! What a mail day! And I used my new shopping bag for my kroger deals! LOL

Monday, March 22, 2010

Cheap Scotch Tape at Walgreens

Cheap Scotch Magic Tape in Donut Dispenser at Walgreens.

Use Walgreens coupon here to make these .79

Then use .50 manu coupon only .29 for scotch tape! We don't really need tape, but I think they are cute so for .29 I am getting one! LOL

Thanks Collin!

Home Made Simple Coupon Book

There is a coupon book available. Go here to request it and it will be mailed to your home. The nice thing about this book is you can request it as many times as you want. I have received about 4 of them since I started couponing last November. It is full of coupons for P&G items. The coupons in it have changed since I first received it. They have removed some of the higher value coupons, but there are still a bunch of great coupons in it!

Just fill out the simple form. It will ask where you saw it and when. I just make up a channel, date and time and I have never had a problem.

Free Olay at Walgreens!

I have seen a few posts about a great deal at Walgreens for more free Olay lotion! This week 3/21-3/27 Walgreens is having a store deal where you buy Olay Quench body lotion 20.2 oz for 7.99 and you get a free bottle of Olay Quench In-Shower Lotion 8.4 oz (4.99). And to make this even better Olay has a Quench for Clunkers rebate going on here. There is also a $1 off coupon available for the Olay Quench lotion.

So out of pocket you pay 6.99 for the Lotion and in-shower lotion and get $7.99 back! Woohoo!!

Thanks, Collin & Afullcup

Free Dog Food!

Our dog's name is Fatboy. So as you can tell by his name he will eat anything! No really--anything! And he eats ALOT! So we are always on the lookout for great deals on dog food. There was a coupon in last weeks paper for $3 off any Beneful Incredibites dog food. I saw on Afullcup that Target has the trial size for $1.50 so you could get 2 and use the coupon OR there is a chance for $1.50 overage to use on something else! Also Walgreens has them for $1 so you could get 3 for free (I don't have much luck with overage on manu coupons at Walgreens).

Hopefully I will be going to Target this weekend so I will see what I can find. They said on the post that the Target one for $1.50 is 3 bags where the Walgreens for $1 is 1 bag.

Also, if you go here you can request a free sample of Rachel Ray Noutrish dog food! We got this sample and it came with a coupon for a FREE 6lb bag of dog food!! Yay! To get the sample scroll to the bottom and click on switch to Nutrish.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Disappointing Jewel Trip 3/20

I went to Jewel on Saturday 3/20 to use up my expiring YourBucks. It was a very disappointing trip. I have to drive almost 45 minutes to get there and they are almost always out of ALL of the items I come up with scenarios for. Just makes you want to scream! And to make matters worse I put off going until Saturday thinking I would go and have all day to hit up Target and Jewel. Well then I woke up to it SNOWING! WHAT!!?? So I almost didn't go, because I didn't know how the roads would be. Soooo at 8:00 at night hubby and I decide to drive there since I had $16 worth that were expiring and I thought I would be able to roll and get a bunch of stuff. Boy was I wrong. Since they were out of EVERYTHING that would be worth buying to get the YourBucks I decided to just spend my $16 and go home. From now on I will just be spending them as I get them it is not worth the drive just to spend them. Anyway. I didn't even take a picture of the stuff I was so mad! I will share my measly trip with you. I did only spend .98 for it though lol. I decided just to buy some stuff we needed/wanted.

I got:

First Trip in:

2 boxes of Fruity Pebbles 1.59 ea = 3.18
-$1/2 q and it gives you $2 yourbucks for buying 2 so just .09 ea box!

Cheetos 2.99

Doritos 1.99

Scotties Tissue 1.00
-$1 q =Free

Coffee Filters 1.99

Oreo Cakesters 2.19
-$1 q=1.19

Jewel Milk 2.38

13.06 (used $13 YB's) paid .06

For my second trip in I bought 7 2 liters of pop at .79 ea..used $5 in YB's and paid .92

Big whoopty doo LOL!! I wish Jewel was closer! I would have went in and out for that .09 cereal!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Awesome K-Mart Coupon! K-Mart Doubles!!

There is an awesome coupon out for $10/$20 at K-Mart! This is a PDF coupon so be sure to get it fast! I will be saving it for K-Mart doubles! I am so excited this will be the first K-Mart doubles I get to do! Of course it's not that great since you can only do 5 a day, but 5 is better than nothing! I am lucky to have a K-mart right in town (I don't usually say that LOL)

The doubles event is 4/4-4/10..Get those coupons ready!!!!

$10/$20 coupon

Thanks Collin!

UPDATE: Don't bother printing out this coupon. As per Kmart's reputation they are not excepting this coupon. After it was printed by many people they changed it to only be excepted at certain locations.

A Full Cup

I just wanted to share a great site to go to for great deals and coupon matchups. There are also links to printable coupons and hot deals!! There are tons of stores and each store has it's own forums where anyone can post the deals they find. This is great, because you can see something someone just happened to come across while they were shopping. Everyone is SO helpful at that site! Be sure to check it out!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Walgreens Trip 3/14

Same with this trip. Just a few deals and the frozen food clearance.

I got:
1 Willy Wonka Bar 1.99 (Cashier Incentive) (butter them up LOL)
3 Crazy Core Skittles .45 ea
5 Reese's Dark PB cups 2/1.59
6 Vick's Cough Drops 2/1.79
3 Dove Caramel Cashew Ice Cream Bars (yum!) .62 ea
4 Lean Cuisine Chicken Ranch Panini's (or something lol) 1.09 ea
1 Healthy Choice Metropolitan Ice Cream 1.09
3 Gorton's Fish Fillets Lemon Pepper .75 ea (remembered q's this time!!)
3 Puff's Tissue 2.49 ea

I used:
3 1.50 off any Vick's product
5 .55 of Reeses Dark PB cups
1 $1/4 Lean Cuisine
1 .60 off Gorton's
2 .50 off Gorton's
3 Free Puff's wyb 2 Vick's products
In Ad Reese's coupon -1.53

Remember to always give Walgreens coupons and in ad coupons LAST!!

Total:11.95 (1.08 is tax)

Total savings: 47.52

Not that great of trip, but I just wanted the clearance stuff! LOL and I always buy any of the Dark Chocolate candy for hubby! I don't like dark chocolate!

Walgreens Trip 3/13

Well I didn't do much this week. Only Walgreens, and not the greatest deals. I didn't get any extra register rewards. I was just doing a few of the deals and grabbing some of that great frozen food clearance!!

I got:
2 Dove Caramel Cashew Ice Cream bars (YUM!) .62 ea
2 Gorton's Fish Fillet Lemon Pepper .75 ea ( I forgot there were q's for these!)
1 Healthy Choice Mocha Java Ice Cream $1.09
1 Excedrin Migraine 50ct 3.99
5 Reach Toothbrushes 3.00 ea (who would buy TB's at this price w/o q's!!)
1 Puff's Tissue 2.49
2 Gillette Body wash 4.99 ea
2 Gillette Deodorant 4.99 ea
2 Vick's Cough Drops 2/1.79
2 El Charito Enchilada meals .50 ea
3 Sprite & 1 Coke 4/$5
4 Nestle Crunch Bars 2/1.59

I used:
1 $4/2 Gillette Deo q
2 Free BW wyb Deo q's
Free Excedrin q
2 BOGO Crunch q's (-89)
1 1.50 off any Vick's product
1 Free puffs wyb 2 Vick's products
$5/3 Reach q
2 BOGO Reach q's
In store crunch q--brings to .49 (-1.22)
In ad Reach q (-8.35)
-2.50 (gillette bw 50% off)
-2.50 (gillette deo 50% off)
1 $5 RR

Total: 4.67 (2.75 of this is tax)

Total Savings: 79.53!!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010


I have two binders that I use to keep all my coupons I accumulate between inserts, printables, free samples, coupon booklets, etc.

One binder is for food and the other binder is for everything else. I have my coupons in 9x9 baseball card inserts and I separate them by categories. I keep the store coupons in the front of each binder and the misc stuff in the pockets. You can do whatever categories work the best for you. I have mine separated into a lot of different categories, because that is what makes it easier for me.

Some ways to get coupons are to buy the sunday paper, print coupons from various sites online, write to manufactures praising or complaining about their products, free samples, and a lot of manufactures have coupon booklets you can request online that will be mailed to your house. I suggest having a different email address than your regular one to use for couponing as you will get a lot of things emailed to you when you sign up for coupons, free samples etc. Try to get on as many mailing lists as possible because with their newsletters they will often send coupons.

I cut out almost all coupons from the sunday paper unless I know it is something I won't use and it won't be cheap or free. I use to print out every online coupon I saw thinking there MIGHT be a sale, well that isn't very cheap when you think of ink and paper. So now what I do is only print the ones I know I will use for sure. Or the high value coupons that I know I will use. If you see a coupon you are pretty sure you will use be sure to print it right away. Especially high value coupons, because they have print limits that will be reached very fast. Most internet coupons allow you to print two of each. If you have more then one computer you can print 2 for each computer.

It takes a lot of time to do this, but the payout is worth it! I usually go through my binder at the beginning of every month to clear out any expired coupons. I usually do this while I'm watching TV or if it's slow at work.

Another thing to remember with coupons is it is best to purchase the smallest item. Be sure to check the restrictions on the coupon. If it doesn't exclude trial size then hit up the travel section at your store! You will have tons of little shampoos, body washes and deodorants laying around, but it is better to get $1 off a .97 item than $1 off a $2 item for example.

I also use a file box that I keep store ads, rebates, receipts, coupons to be filed, etc in. And the purse is my binder carrier :) Hubby got it for me for Christmas and I LOVE it! It is so nice and the two pockets in the front make it nice you can use one for the coupons you pull out that you are using and the other to stick them in to be refiled later!!

You will figure out your own style in time and what works best for you. Just go with the flow and remember to have fun!!!!


Now for Jewel. I am not going to break Jewel down as much, because it is alot and not everyone has a Jewel or Yourbucks. Plus I can't tell from the receipt what each product is! If you have any questions about any of it let me know. These were made with two transactions. I used some of my yourbucks in the second transaction. I am just going to post my overall total and how many yourbucks are left.

Items missing from picture that we gave away already: Pull-ups, Suave shampoo, Suave Conditioner, 1 Ragu sauce, (I think that's all lol)

Total: 43.95 ($2.77 is tax)

Total yourbucks left: $16 plus 2 free creamer stick coupons that printed out!!

Total savings: $137.40

Target--Awesome trip!!

Alright now for Target. This one took me a long time and it is a long list! lol Luckily I had a great cashier and the couple behind me (the only ones that stayed in line when they saw the stack of coupons) were great also! They both were amazed by how much I saved and wanted to know how I did it, so I gave my 2 favorite sites and made the cashier and patient couple happy! :)

Important tip: Make sure to USE your coupons and be sure the items ring up right. :(

And just in case you are wondering, you can return items even if you used a coupon, because the store gets reimbursed the face value of the coupon plus .08 handling fee so they aren't losing out.

I bought:
3 Johnson Buddy bar soaps .97ea
4 Glade Candles 1.66ea (these will be going back though I FORGOT to use my coupons!!) :(
4 Starkist pouches .94 ea
2 Sobe waters $1 ea
2 GE Reveal 100 watt light bulbs $2 ea
1 Gillette body wash $1.79
1 Olay body wash $5.49
2 Olay body wash $5.84 ea
5 Gillette clinical strength deoderants $1.79 ea
4 Right Guard travel deoderants .97 ea
16 Old Spice travel body washes .48 ea (4 missing from pic--gave away already)
2 Degree travel deoderants .97 ea
3 Venus Breeze Razors $4.99 ea
1 Rimmel Mascara $5.29.....was suppose to be $2.29 :(
1 Spongebob band aid $1.82
1 Scooby Doo band aid $1.82 (missing from pic-gave away already)
3 Johnson travel First Aid kits .97 ea
1 Pictureka card game $5.24

Now for the coupons:
$1 off any Johnson baby product
4 $1 off Starkist
2 .50 off sobe
1 $1/2 GE reveal
2 $1.50/1 GE reveal (target q)
1 $4/2 Gillette BW or Deo
3 buy venus razor get olay bw free
4 $3 off Gillette clinical deo
2 $2/2 Right Guard deo
3 $2 off Venus razor
1 $3 off Rimmel mascara
2 $1 off band aid
2 $1 off band aid (target q)
3 $1 off first aid kit
1 $5 off any pictureka game

(that sure doesn't seem like as many coupons when I list them as it does ringing them up!!)

Total: 22.88 ($5.63 is tax) AND the Olay body washes qualify for the $15 mail in rebate!

Total saved: $81.85

Walgreens-Not the greatest

Alright first we will start with the smallest trip. This was to Walgreens. I didn't do that great, but it was the last day of the sale and I wanted to use my last Nivea coupons and get another toilet paper (no coupon this time :( unfortunately).

I bought:
4 Nivea Lip Kiss 2.99 ea
2 Motrin PM 20ct 2.99 ea
1 Scott 12pk TP 6.99
2 Starbuck Frappucino 2.19 ea
2 Kotex Pads 2.99 ea

I used:
2 BOGO free Nivea coupons
1 $2/2 Kotex pads coupon
1 $3/2 Motrin manu coupon
2 $1/1 Starbuck Frap coupons
(hand those over first then give)
1 in ad coupon for Nivea lip care .99 (took off $8)
1 in ad coupon for Starbuck Frap .99 (took off $1.88)
1 Wags March Coupon book coupon for Motrin 1.50 (took off $3)

Total: $10.70 ($1.27 is tax)
Got a $5 RR

Total savings: $37.46

If I wanted to take more time I could have done this better by breaking up the transactions and using other register rewards.

Crazy shopping day yesterday!

I went on a couponing spree yesterday! I went to Target, Walgreens and Jewel. I am going to break each store up with the pictures and how I saved. I was shopping almost 4 hours yesterday! I will call that my work out for the day LOL. I will also post some pictures of my binders and stockpile along with some tips. Then some time today I will cut out coupons and file them! I swear this is my other job! But I love it!! I saved a total of $256.72 with all the stores! Gotta love coupons!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Awesome Jewel deals

I just found out about a bunch of freebies at Jewel with all their Catalina deals and YourBucks. We will be going tomorrow and I will post all the deals I get then!

Some of the ones I see are:
Suave- .89 get $2 catalina
Ragu 26oz or larger 1.99=$2 cat
Hot Pockets singles $1 (get $2 cat wyb 2)
Jewel bread .99=$1 cat
Colgate Toothpaste .99=$1 cat

Also there are some really cheap deals also! And the catalinas roll!!