Sunday, March 7, 2010


Now for Jewel. I am not going to break Jewel down as much, because it is alot and not everyone has a Jewel or Yourbucks. Plus I can't tell from the receipt what each product is! If you have any questions about any of it let me know. These were made with two transactions. I used some of my yourbucks in the second transaction. I am just going to post my overall total and how many yourbucks are left.

Items missing from picture that we gave away already: Pull-ups, Suave shampoo, Suave Conditioner, 1 Ragu sauce, (I think that's all lol)

Total: 43.95 ($2.77 is tax)

Total yourbucks left: $16 plus 2 free creamer stick coupons that printed out!!

Total savings: $137.40

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