Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Free Dog Food!

If your dog eats Mighty Dog then this is a great week to stock up! I got all excited when I saw the coupon for the free can of Mighty Dog in the paper. Turns out that $3/5 coupon may as well say "5 free cans!!" So even if you only bought one Sunday paper this week that just gave you 6 cans of Mighty Dog for free!! I only know of 2 stores for sure that you can get them free, but I'm betting it is pretty much any store.

Family Dollar and Dollar General have the Mighty Dog on sale 5/$3 so that one just flip it and there is your coupon! LOL

Wal-Mart has these for .57ea (2.85/5) so they are paying you to buy the dog food!

AND don't forget there is a coupon for FREE 6 0z or 9 oz pouch of Purina Pure Plan Dry Dog Food or Dry Cat Food, any variety.

I just love free coupons!!

You may want to save the ones that actually say free on them (not the $3/5) for a BOGO store sale, because then that coupon turns into 2 free! yay!!

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