Thursday, March 18, 2010

Awesome K-Mart Coupon! K-Mart Doubles!!

There is an awesome coupon out for $10/$20 at K-Mart! This is a PDF coupon so be sure to get it fast! I will be saving it for K-Mart doubles! I am so excited this will be the first K-Mart doubles I get to do! Of course it's not that great since you can only do 5 a day, but 5 is better than nothing! I am lucky to have a K-mart right in town (I don't usually say that LOL)

The doubles event is 4/4-4/10..Get those coupons ready!!!!

$10/$20 coupon

Thanks Collin!

UPDATE: Don't bother printing out this coupon. As per Kmart's reputation they are not excepting this coupon. After it was printed by many people they changed it to only be excepted at certain locations.

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