Sunday, March 7, 2010

Target--Awesome trip!!

Alright now for Target. This one took me a long time and it is a long list! lol Luckily I had a great cashier and the couple behind me (the only ones that stayed in line when they saw the stack of coupons) were great also! They both were amazed by how much I saved and wanted to know how I did it, so I gave my 2 favorite sites and made the cashier and patient couple happy! :)

Important tip: Make sure to USE your coupons and be sure the items ring up right. :(

And just in case you are wondering, you can return items even if you used a coupon, because the store gets reimbursed the face value of the coupon plus .08 handling fee so they aren't losing out.

I bought:
3 Johnson Buddy bar soaps .97ea
4 Glade Candles 1.66ea (these will be going back though I FORGOT to use my coupons!!) :(
4 Starkist pouches .94 ea
2 Sobe waters $1 ea
2 GE Reveal 100 watt light bulbs $2 ea
1 Gillette body wash $1.79
1 Olay body wash $5.49
2 Olay body wash $5.84 ea
5 Gillette clinical strength deoderants $1.79 ea
4 Right Guard travel deoderants .97 ea
16 Old Spice travel body washes .48 ea (4 missing from pic--gave away already)
2 Degree travel deoderants .97 ea
3 Venus Breeze Razors $4.99 ea
1 Rimmel Mascara $5.29.....was suppose to be $2.29 :(
1 Spongebob band aid $1.82
1 Scooby Doo band aid $1.82 (missing from pic-gave away already)
3 Johnson travel First Aid kits .97 ea
1 Pictureka card game $5.24

Now for the coupons:
$1 off any Johnson baby product
4 $1 off Starkist
2 .50 off sobe
1 $1/2 GE reveal
2 $1.50/1 GE reveal (target q)
1 $4/2 Gillette BW or Deo
3 buy venus razor get olay bw free
4 $3 off Gillette clinical deo
2 $2/2 Right Guard deo
3 $2 off Venus razor
1 $3 off Rimmel mascara
2 $1 off band aid
2 $1 off band aid (target q)
3 $1 off first aid kit
1 $5 off any pictureka game

(that sure doesn't seem like as many coupons when I list them as it does ringing them up!!)

Total: 22.88 ($5.63 is tax) AND the Olay body washes qualify for the $15 mail in rebate!

Total saved: $81.85

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