Friday, April 16, 2010


I have been reading about Swagbucks on Hip2save and a few other sites. I have seen it for awhile now, but just didn't really think much of it. Then I started reading a little more into it. You get swagbucks(points) for all kinds of things! The main thing I will be doing is using their search engine. I mean who doesn't search for something online? And if you use their search engine you can win swagbucks for doing it! Fridays are mega swagbuck days. Today is the day I started using it. The first time I searched something I got 50 swagbucks! That's when they hooked me lol. I had actually signed up a few weeks ago when you got 60 swagbucks for signing up, but that was all I did was sign up and leave it alone. But since my hours were cut back at work I decided to see what I can do to just get a little something extra. So I said I am online ALL the time...why not get something back for it! So what I do is instead of using my bookmarks for my main sites I just have swagbucks bookmarked and go there and put the site in a search!! A little extra work, but if I get something out of it it's worth it! I will keep you guys updated on what I get. They also have special offers with no commitments. You just click on special offers then the no commitment ones and skip all the offers and get a swagbuck!

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