Saturday, April 17, 2010

Twitter & Facebook

Well I finally joined Twitter lol. I made a Twitter and a Facebook account for my blog! lol We'll see how that goes! I've never even been on Twitter before so not sure how I will like it, but I wanted to try it out. And when (if??) I get my Ipod Touch I can post things I see when I'm out shopping so you guys can take advantage of them too! YAY Now if someone would just buy that darn Wii....rofl After work today I am headed out to Target, Walgreens & Jewel. I have been slacking so bad this week so hopefully I find a TON of stuff to make up for it lol. Cross your fingers that Target isn't out of the razors---yeah right! I haven't been able to get in on that deal anytime they've had them with the gift cards!!

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