Saturday, April 17, 2010

Cheap Blizzards at Dairy Queen

UPDATE: I am sorry I read the email wrong. The deal is buy a blizzard at regular price get another for .25. I am SO sorry for the misunderstanding!

Ok I'm sure that you know if you like a product, restaurant, store etc you should sign up for their newsletters. I do this with a lot of products. This is a great way to find out about an upcoming sale or better yet to get coupons sent to your email!! Well I got an email from Dairy Queen, because I am a member of the Blizzard Fan Club....I know, but I got a coupon for a free blizzard for signing up and I LOVE ice cream especially ice cream and candy mixed together! YUM!

Well Dairy Queen is celebrating the Blizzard's 25th birthday! So from April 19-25 you can get blizzards for .25 BOGO free! Wow! I know I don't NEED these, but you better believe I'll be over there getting one!

And if you join the fan club you get 6 BOGO blizzard coupons a year!! Woohoo!!

Just go here to sign up and find out more!!

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