Saturday, July 24, 2010

Walgreen coupon examples

Alright I already showed you what the Walgreens register rewards look like, but there are other kinds of Walgreen coupons also. These are a picture of the actual Walgreens ad and the Walgreens monthly coupon book. At the bottom of the ad you can see what the in ad coupons look like. The nice thing about Walgreens is you can stack coupons. You can use an in ad coupon, a walgreens coupon book coupon AND a manufacturer's coupon all together on ONE item!! That doesn't happen that often, but when it does you can. Here is an example of how you can stack the coupons.

You see the in ad coupon that makes the Dawn dish soap $.99 ea. Well there is a $.25 manufacturer's coupon. So when you use both of them together it makes the Dawn $.74

The nice thing with Walgreens coupons is you only need ONE Walgreens coupon per order. Even if you bought 3 Dawn dish soap for example you would need 1 of the in ad coupons, but 3 of the manufacturers coupons.

I hope that helps. Remember if you have any questions email me or leave a comment!!

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