Thursday, July 22, 2010

Kroger Mega Sale Match Ups

I thought I would post a few of the good deals I see at Kroger this week. Keep in mind I am in the Central region of Kroger. If you are in a different region your sales may be different and your prices may be different. I am not listing everything included in the mega sale. Just some of the real cheap or free items. To see your ad online go here. Also keep in mind I am doing matchups with the coupons I have. You may have different coupons. I will do a separate post explaining the catalina deals. I will post what items have them.

Non Mega Sale Deals

These items are part of a 4 day only sale good 7/22-7/25:

Doritos $1.99 (good to use if you have the tearpad free Mountain Dew wyb Doritos &Tombstone)

Kroger Deluxe or Turkey Hill Ice Cream $1.88

Fritos Select Varieties 9.25-9.75 oz $1.68

Powerade .79

Ragu Pasta Sauce Traditional or Meat 26-30 oz $1.00 I saw .50/1 q's on Ebay which would make these free!!

Lays Potato Chips $1.99

Regular Sales for 7/22-7/28:

Kroger Large eggs .88

Michelina's Entrees .88 use $1/5 q =.68 ea wyb 5

Hot Pocket Singles .88

Mrs. Freshley's Snack Cakes .88

Kroger Salad Dressing .88

Head Lettuce :) .88

Kroger Tender Twist Bread .88

Speed Stick, Lady Speed Stick & Teen Spirit deodorant .88

Kellogg's Cereal(select varieties) $1.77 - $1q = .77 ea

Crayola Crayons 24ct .25 Catalina Deal

Paper Mate Write bros. Pens 3/$1.00 Catalina Deal

Oxford Portfolio 2 pocket .15

Crayola Classic Markers 10 ct $1.00 (select varieties) Catalina Deal

Crest Toothpaste $1.00 use .50 q = free

Oral B Indicator Tooth brush $1.00 use $2/2 q = 2 free

Kraft Singles select varieties 10.7-12oz $1.79 Catalina Deal

Butterfinger candy bars 2/$1 - $1/2 tearpad = 2 free (check your gas stations)

Fresh Selections Salad $1.00 - $1 or .50 Kroger Mailers = free

For the Mega Sale you must buy 10 participating items. You can mix & match, but you have to have 10 to get the $5.00 off. This will be taken off at the end. The prices I list will be the prices AFTER the .50 has been taken off.

Pepsi Soft Drinks Select Varieties 2L's .79 - $1/2 q = .29 ea
(if you have the tearpad I listed above w/doritos Mtn Dew will be free)

Gatorade or G2 select Varieties 32 oz .49 - $1/2 q = free (there are also eq's avail)

Lean Cuisine Entree select varieties $1.88 -$1/5 q = $1.68 ea wyb 5 Catalina Deal

SpaghettiO's .49 - .50/2 printable = 2 free

Tombstone Pizza $1.99 - $2 printable = free (remember tearpad also)

Kraft easy Mac cups .49 use .55/2 tearpad (only cheesy explosion)=.22 ea wyb 2

Kraft Miracle Whip or Mayo $1.69 - $1.00 printable = .69 ea

Kraft cheese $1.88 (various coupons out there..I have Catalina Deal

Sargento Cheese $1.88 - .50/1 q = .88

Del Monte Fruit Chillers $1.49 - $1 q = .49

Philadelphia Cream Cheese .99 - $1 printable = free Catalina Deal

Softsoap Liquid Hand Soap $1.00 - .50 printable = free (no longer available, so only good if you already printed it..sorry)

Motrin PM 20ct $2.50 - $3.00q= free +.50 overage!!

Well those are a few of the good ones! I hope it helps!

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