Thursday, July 22, 2010

Couponing Tips

There are a few lovely ladies from work who want to learn how we do this so I am going to be posting some tips and information for all the Coupon Queens in Training :) When I post the tips if you have anything to add or any questions please post them in the comments. I'm going to be posting them all throughout the night and the following days. I figured it is easier to post it on here then to email everyone! lol That is a lot of typing and frankly I am Plus they will be here for anyone who may stumble upon us. :) This one I am just going to post some of the websites I use.

Hip2Save~This is a blog where a ton of deals and freebies are posted daily. Lots of great information.

Afullcup~This is my favorite place of all for couponing. The reason this is my favorite is it is just a site FULL of information on anything and everything! You could spend days reading! Plus it is a forum type site where everyone can post the deals they find! There are shopping lists, coupon much!

SaveMomsWay~This is Jackie's course it's one of my favorites :)

Some coupon printing sites: of printable coupons...changes daily

E coupons
These are coupons that are added to your shoppers rewards cards. These can be stacked with paper coupons. The bad thing with these is you can never be sure they will come off. So I always load them and just consider them a bonus if they come off.





  1. Aww thanks for posting my site ur a wonderful friend Heather.

  2. Of course I would post your site!! :)