Saturday, July 24, 2010

Coupon examples

Alright these are some pictures of the various kinds of coupons you can find in your store while you are shopping. So be sure to keep an eye out while you are shopping. You never know when you will come across a great coupon! Even if there isn't a good deal for it right now pick it up! Save it for a sale!

1. Tearpad coupon~these coupons are on a pad. These can be anywhere..on a shelf, display etc.

2. Peelie~These coupons will be on the product themselves. These are technically meant to be used for that product when you buy it. Some people will go and take all of them off when they see them. I don't do this, but I will keep my opinions to myself on that issue. If you want to do it that is up to you. Sometimes you will have these on hand if you bought the item, but you had a better coupon then the peelie. That is how I usually have them.

3. Blinkie coupon~these are the coupons that are in those black machines with the red blinking light. The ones where you take one and then another automatically comes out.

Now sometimes you will need the coupons right when you see them. Like the blinkie I used 2 of them tonight when I found them for the Kraft cheese. I usually pick up the ones I see and then just add them to my binder when I get home.

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