Friday, July 2, 2010

Did you hear.........

KMART DOUBLES ARE BACK!!!!! 7/4-7/11!!!!

See what stores are included here. I'll have to post what deals I see! Good luck everyone! I hope you find some great stuff! This one is suppose to be Health and Beauty items only.

Yay!!!! :)

Edit: (thanks for the reminder Ruby!)

One more very important detail I forgot..I was just so excited lol. You will have to have a Shop your way rewards card to take advantage of doubles. Give this to the cashier BEFORE they start scanning or the coupons won't double. If you don't have one yet..don't worry you can print a temporary one here. You can only double 5 per transaction so if you have to drive far it may not be worth it. Last doubles they said 5 per day, but they let you break up your transactions to 5 and do as many as you want. We will see how it works this time.

They will double coupons up to and including $2. I have heard that anything you CAN'T eat will be included! I'm not sure how the registers know not to double for food, but this is Kmart so we take what we can get! lol

There are a LOT of $2 coupons out there! I have been printing a few. Whenever doubles are coming up I start printing a lot! I will try to make a list of some of the higher value coupons to watch out for. Sunday I will be going over there so I will start posting some of the deals I see. If anyone goes be sure to leave comments so everyone knows what to watch for!!


  1. Oh this is Awesome! do you know what the amount they will double up to ?

  2. Yep sorry I should have put that I will edit the post. Thanks for the reminder!!