Thursday, July 1, 2010

Mail Call 7/1

The mailbox was full today! Some of the samples I got made me laugh! Here's what I got:

Truckin Magazine (no idea how I got signed up for this one LOL)

Starbucks Via Sample w/coupon for .50/1

Wag World Magazine from Kmart (title made me thing Walgreens, but it's a dog magazine lol) this came with some Beneful coupons from Kmart

1 Bounty Paper Towel~this is one this had me laughing!

1 Free Pedometer from Natures Bounty this came with various Natures Bounty coupons

Cottonelle Toilet paper and Fresh Wipe sample~LOL this came with coupons

1 Pk of Three Dog Bakery Cookie Dog I never thought of cookie dog treats, but we all know Fatboy will eat anything!!

Anyone else get anything good in the mail???

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