Saturday, July 24, 2010

Catalina coupons

Alright more picture examples. These are pictures of the coupons that come out of the catalina machines next to the cash registers. These are just so you can see what I mean when I reference them. I will explain them from top to bottom.

1. Walgreens Register Reward~these will print out at the end after you pay. Register rewards are very confusing. I will have to make a separate post just for these! The main things to remember with these is if 1. you purchase the same item you got the register reward for another will NOT print. 2. You can only do one per transaction to get the register reward. So let's say if you buy toothpaste and it gives a register reward, if you buy 2 toothpastes in one order you will only get 1 register reward. I will explain these more later.

2. Catalina coupon~these usually print while your items are being rung up. These are usually just random coupons you will get for purchasing certain items. Sometimes it will be from a competitor company and sometimes it will be from the same company. These are manufacturer coupons so they cannot be stacked.

3. Catalina or OYNO(on your next order)~These are the coupons from the catalina deals I mentioned in a previous post. These are for buying certain items you get a coupon for money off of your next order. They can be used on anything you want or you can use them to roll and keep getting more. For instance this one is from the Kraft deal. So I can go buy more Kraft cheese and use this coupon to get $5 off the order and another $5 coupon will print at the end.

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