Thursday, August 26, 2010

Walgreens Coupon Policy!!

Woohoo! Is it bad that I am excited over a coupon For anyone who coupons at Walgreens you will understand. They are SO inconsistent with what they will accept. Now they have a coupon policy that just was posted today. I already printed mine. The best thing to do when you are couponing is to print out the stores coupon policy and take it with you. This way when the cashier tries to make up some off the wall reason they won't take your coupon just whip it out and say Um yes you can. :) I will include the link along with some other stores links. I keep them in my binder. The Target one gets used almost every time I shop there. I am so excited the Walgreens one says they will adjust the coupon if the item is less (good for those ones that are 1 penny under) it also says you can use 2 coupons for a BOGO item.



Family Dollar


Those are the ones I thought of off hand. If you need another check the stores site or A Full Cup on the store's forum. They usually have all of them.

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