Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Binder Organization

Remember when I told you guys that a great way to get some ideas is to watch videos on Youtube? Well that is what I was doing tonight. I am always looking for better ways to organize this stuff! Well I saw one tonight that was a pretty good one. Most of them are all the same or they just annoy me how they talk or do stuff..I know that is probably bad to say, but hey I'm just being honest lol. If they annoy me I can't watch the whole video. I really need to go buy a new binder. I use 2 right now. When I first started out I only had one, but I decided to split up the food and non food. I use baseball card holders to hold my coupons. Well this lady used insert cards in the pockets so that she could have both sides used for coupons. I am thinking I am going to start doing that, because that would make me use a LOT less baseball card holders which would make my binder not as

I really want to get one of the zip up binders with the pockets in the front too. I will post a link to the youtube video I was watching and you will see what I mean. Of course some of the things I do are different then her, but she gave me some ideas :) Maybe I should make my own jk

Here's the link

So how do you guys organize your coupons? Share in the comments section!!!

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