Thursday, August 12, 2010

Kroger Trip 8/11

Last day of the P&G sale was yesterday so I had to run over there and pick up a few last minute things. Now you won't always get things free. Well I guess you could if that is all you wanted, but if you are like me you have certain brands you like, and if you can get them for cheap then you get them. Everyone should make their own decision on what is a good deal to them. When you coupon you shouldn't be a "brand snob" but that doesn't mean you can't have stuff you just like better!! lol My favorite hair stuff is Aussie. I've used it forever so when I can get a good deal I jump on it. Another item that is hard to find for free is toilet paper. So when I see a good deal I jump on that I will put a * by the P&G items. Ok here's what I got:

1 16 pk double roll Charmin Toilet Paper $5.99* - .25 q doubled & $3 ecoupon = $2.49

1 Febreze Air Effects $1.50* - $1 q = $1.50 (should have had a $1 ecoupon, but it didn't come off) :(

3 Revlon Emery Board packs $.94ea - (3) $1 q's = free + .06 overage each

3 Aussie Shampoo & Conditioner $1.99 ea

3 Aussie Styler products $1.99 ea - (3) free wyb shampoo or Conditioner q's = free
Now of course it didn't just work out like that. The cashier took $2.99 off for each coupon since that is the price b4 mega sale so for all 6 I actually paid: $2.97 or about .50 each

Total : $7.95 ($2.17 is tax)

Total Savings: $32.68 or 84%

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