Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Aldi VS Kroger

Alright I decided that I am going to go to these stores and get some prices for a few of the items people buy a lot. I am looking at the sales ads right now and of course Aldi doesn't have all that much. The reason I want to do this is because a lot of people think that Aldi is the best place to shop to save them money. Well I disagree. Of course there are some items that are cheaper at Aldi, but since Aldi doesn't take coupons the price you see is it. So I think I will put them to the test! If you can think of any products you want to see compared leave a comment. A few things I see just from the ad are:

1 Gallon Milk:
Aldi: $1.89!!
Kroger: $3.74 yikes

Refrigerated Biscuits:
Aldi (Buehler's Jumbo) $1.09
Kroger (Pillsbury Grands) .99 - .50/2 q doubled = .49 ea

Refrigerated Crescent Rolls:
Aldi: (Buehlers) $1.39
Kroger (Pillsbury Crescents) .99 - .50/2 doubled = .49 ea

Refrigerated Cinnamon Rolls:
Aldi: (Buehlers) $1.39
Kroger: (Pillsbury) .99 - .35/1 doubled = .29 ea

Hand Soap
Aldi: (Source Skincare) $1.39
Kroger (Dial) $1.00 - .35/1 q doubled = .30 ea

Aldi: (Rainfresh) $1.89
Kroger (Arrid or Arm & Hammer) $1.00

Orange Juice
Aldi: (Nature's Nectar 59 oz) $2.49
Kroger: (Sunny D 64 oz) .79 - .25 q doubled = .29 ea

Frozen Waffles
Aldi: (Breakfast Best) $1.29
Kroger: Eggo $1.25 - $1/2 q = .75 ea

Alright I couldn't do that many because Aldi has such a small ad, but I am going to go to the stores and get the actual prices and we will do a comparison! As you can see from just the above ones you can get name brand items for cheaper then Aldi brand items! But get your milk from

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