Friday, August 6, 2010

Kmart Doubles Are Back

Well another round of Kmart doubles. Only this time it is only up to and including $1.00 coupons. :( I'm not sure if this will make for many good deals or not. Sunday August 8 - Saturday August 14.

Limit of 5 coupons Doubled per day. Have to be a Shop Your Way Rewards Member. If you are not a member click HERE to join.

Click HERE to see if your stores are participating.

I don't see any limits saying it is only Health & Beauty in my email and I saw on another site it should be anything! Hopefully we can find some good deals even if it is only up to $1.

Once Sunday gets here I will head over there and see if I can find anything good. Remember you guys can always leave a comment if you come across some good deals!!

I don't even see my store on the list of participating stores. Last time that happened with the up to .99 doubles event my store WAS participating. There were signs all over the store. So even if your store is not on the list you could head over there or call and check (of course we all know how well Kmart is in the know) lol

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