Friday, May 14, 2010

Mega Swagbucks Today!

Just a reminder it's Friday and that means Mega Swagbucks! This is the day to earn even more Swagbucks! They will be giving away over 400,000 Swagbucks so don't miss out! Not registered? No problem! Just go here and register. It's free! Just do searches every once in awhile, download the search tool for even more, sign up for the newsletter and participate in the offers to win swagbucks! You are online anyway, why not earn some cool stuff while you're surfing! I'm trying to see how many Amazon gift cards I can win before Christmas to help out with the cost of presents! I really need to go on there more! I didn't download the tool bar, because hubby is leary of that kind of stuff lol. So I just go on there about once or twice a week (definitely every Friday) and do a few of the free offers and search a few things until I win some Swagbucks!!

How's this for irony today. I got off work in the middle of a huge all day long que. You ladies know what I mean. So when I got on Swagbucks I searched "quit calling" and won 33 Swagbucks! LOL I thought that was funny!!

I hope you guys give it a try! Leave a comment if you get some mega bucks today!!!

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