Sunday, May 9, 2010

Another Kroger trip 5/8

Alright I had $6.00 left of the OYNO's and I was getting hungry so I decided to get something for dinner. After wandering aimlessly around trying to decide what sounded good I decided taco salad. And to make this even trickier I didn't have any of my food coupons with me since I thought I was doing all the P&G sale~guess I learned my lesson! We already had the ground beef, lettuce and tomato so here's what I got:

1 bag Kroger Tortilla chips $1.00

1 Kroger Sour cream $1.24

1 Kroger Cheese Sauce $2.24

1 Kroger Salsa $1.66

- $6 in OYNO's

=.61 (.07 is tax) 92% savings

Could you imagine if I would have had my coupons I probably could have done some

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