Monday, May 17, 2010

Dollar General Trip 5/16

I ran to the Dollar General in my town today to pick up a few things. Wow they are a lot different then the one I went to yesterday in a nearby town. I think I will stick with the other Dollar General. The one closest to me the cashier and manager were both VERY rude and didn't know their coupon policy, and sorry to say, but obviously don't pay much attention or can't read the big sign in their window. OK enough about that.

Here's what I got:

4 Ziploc Zip N Steam bags (3pk) $1 - (4) $1 q's=free

3 Pedigree Dentastix (4pk) $2 - (3) $2 q's = free

1 Nivea for Women Body wash $2.50 - $4 q = free + 1.50 overage

1 Nivea for Men Body wash $2.50 - $2 q = .50

1 4pk Bag clips (for chips) $1 (no q~needed something for the overage)

Total = $1.20 (all tax)

Total Savings = $16.00

Believe me they weren't happy about that lol

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