Sunday, May 9, 2010

Little Kroger trip 5/7

I needed some of those price stickers for the garage sale, and I still had about $19.00 in OYNO's from Kroger that expired 5/8 so I decided to get them for almost free! :) This is just to show you that you can "buy" things sometimes that you don't necessarily need and then use the cats you get to purchase things you do need. Just an fyi: OYNO stands for On Your Next Order. They are catalina coupons that print out for certain amounts good to use on your next order.

Here's what I got:

2 Garage Sale stickers $1.09 ea

1 pack Bic pens (just b/c I am a pen junkie!) $1.14

- $3 Kroger OYNO's

Total: .57 (.25 is tax)

Total savings: $3.85 92% savings!

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