Thursday, September 23, 2010

@$&# Walmart!!!

Oh I am SOOOO mad. I spent at least an hour and a half finding all my deals at Walmart tonight. I don't get to get over there very often, because it's about 20 -25 mins away. Anyway. I had a bunch of stuff. I get to the checkout. The lady is all nice ringing up my stuff and smiling. I reach over and pull my coupons out of my purse. Her face changes. She takes them out of my hand before she is even done ringing up my stuff! She starts flipping through them and she is shaking her head and setting them off to the side. Not saying a word or looking at me or anything. Finally I say "Why are you shaking your head and setting them aside?" She says "You can't buy a $1 item with a $2 coupon." I say "The coupon says $2/2." *sigh* "Well I have to ask" is her reply. Then along comes miss know it all CSM. The cashier says "She is trying to buy all the small stuff with the coupon. It's not full size." CSM takes the coupon, looks at it, looks at me and says "You can't use coupons on trial size." Me "Where does it say that?" Miss Know it All CSM gets on her little walky talky thingy attached to her collar "Can we take coupons on trial size items?" The wizard of oz answers. I can't hear her. Miss Know it all CSM "You can't use coupons on trial size" Anyone who really knows me can probably guess how I am by now :) Me "Where does it say that?" Miss Know It All CSM "We don't take them." So I tell them I don't want any of their $#%@ if they don't know how things work. Miss Know it All CSM walks away. I tell cashier that these coupons don't exclude trial size and ask her if she would like to see a coupon that excludes trial size. :) B Cashier "It has been decided" Me "What is your corporate number?" B Cashier "I don't know" Me "You don't know your corporate number?" B Cashier "no" OMG I took everything out of my cart and put it on the spinny thing and walked away. I was STEAMED to say the least. I wasted all my time and gas. Oh I was so mad. So then I wrote down the cashiers name. Walked over to the CSM and wrote down her name. Then I say "Can I have the name of whoever you were talking to over your walkie talkie" She gives me name. I'm outta there. So I am definitely going to be contacting Walmarts customer service. If I would have known their corporate number I would have held up the entire line and called them right there. I will keep you posted. :) Thanks for listening to me rant. LOL


  1. YOu tell them! you are coupon queen and they need to get their shit straight! LOL . hope you get ahold of corp.

  2. lol! Thanks Ruby! I emailed them, but they haven't responded yet! :(