Saturday, September 18, 2010

Great Sites to Join

I just wanted to share a few sites with everyone. These are sites where they send you products to try and you submit reviews, or you host a party with their products and then fill out a survey and let them know how your party went, what you did etc. These are all free to join and I am only including sites that I have actually received items from. Warning: only visit these sites if you like free stuff (hahaha I'm a dork I know). Have fun!!

Kraft First Taste This is a site where you sign up to try out new products from Kraft! Sometimes you will receive free coupons and sometimes it is just high value coupons. They don't just mail the coupons out automatically. They usually email you when an offer is available and then you go to the site and let them know yes you want it and confirm your address. I have received a lot of free item coupons including: Digiorno Deep Dish, Homestyle Mac & Cheese, Crackerfuls, Philly Mini's, etc.

Houseparty This is a great site! There are multiple parties available to apply for. Only apply once per PARTY. You can apply for as many parties as you'd like though! It's very simple and they send you a great party pack full of stuff for your party! You don't find out if you are accepted right away. They email you about a month or so before the party date and let you know you are a host! I am hosting a Capri Sun party so yes you do actually get picked! I will post a pic later of everything that came in that party pack!

Vocalpoint This is a site where you receive samples of products or coupons for products to try out and review. I have received Bounce Dryer Bars, Pantene, Crystal Light, and much more. They also include some high value coupons with the samples so that you can give them out to friends and family so they can try the product also.

My Get Together This is another party site. You apply to host a party and they send you out a party pack! I mean who doesn't love a party and a party where you get free stuff is even better! I was chosen as a Chex Mix party host! I will post a pic of what I received in this party pack later also. This is also a part of Pssst which is General Mills place for testing products and reviewing them.

BzzAgent This is a site to try out all kinds of products. They call them campaigns. I've only done one campaign so far and it didn't have anything that was mailed to my house. I know a lot of people that do this though and they have received a lot of items to try. I am a newbie on this site :)

I may be missing a few. If I think of any I will let you know. If you are a member of any of these sites leave a comment and let us know what you've received!! Now go register at these sites and get the freebies rolling! :)

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