Friday, September 24, 2010

All You Magazine

I know most of you have probably heard of All You magazine. I just got the October issue in the mail today so I decided to do a quick post for those of you that may not know about it. This is a great magazine for us bargain hunters! The first and most important thing about this magazine is it is chock full of coupons!! You all know that is enough for me to buy it. :) Well it also has a lot of great articles about saving money! The magazine only costs about $2.25. You can only buy it at Walmart (good luck using the coupons there hahaha) You can also subscribe for about $15 a month. The October issue isn't out in the store yet I don't believe but it should be soon. Be sure to check it out. The October issue has $88.22 worth of coupons! The nice thing is the third page lists all the coupons that are included. It's a great magazine! Check it out!

You can also check out All You online. They have daily freebies, printable coupons and tips online.

You can get 2 free trial issues here. Be sure to cancel it after the first two or they will send a bill.

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