Saturday, September 18, 2010


Are any of you Swaggernauts? If not go here to sign up! This is a great place to earn free giftcards! All you have to do is search things and you win Swagbucks! I just searched and won 50 Swagbucks! Woohoo! They also have Special offers with no participation necessary and you win a few. They add up quick! They have a search bar you can download so anything you search you have a chance to win, but I don't do that. If I actually remembered to go there daily and search I'd probably have a lot more! I've already won one $5 Amazon Gift Card and I am real close to earning another. They have a ton of different things you can get though. There's nothing to lose! You're on the computer anyway why not get something in return!

They also have blogs you can check out for codes to get more swagbucks! Check out this blog and get 7 Swagbucks! Just copy and paste the code then click "gimme" this code is good until 9 PDT today only!! Make sure you go here to sign up before trying to get the code though.

Happy Swaggin! By the way I earned the 50 Swagbucks on my first search today! Just go to the site and search random things in their search bar! :)

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