Thursday, April 7, 2011

Extreme Couponing on TLC

Alright I just have to comment on this show. I watched the one hour episode they did at the end of last year. Last night I watched the two newest episodes. Now anyone that knows me knows that I am all for couponing and saving money. I try to help anyone out that is interested and I think it is awesome to be able to save money. I call myself a coupon junkie...those that work with me know that if they get me in "coupon mode" it is hard to get me to shut up about it! LOL

Now that being said I do NOT think that anyone should do it as extreme as the people on the show do. I know a lot of people will disagree with me and I am not pointing fingers at any one person on the show. Now I am all for having a stockpile. I have one too as you can see in some of my older posts. I am also not going to say how much I think someone should have or how big their stockpile should be. I am not in their situation and I don't know what they need. The thing that gets me is that I coupon to SAVE money not to see how much I can buy in one trip. It is a rush to get a ton of things and pay very little believe me I know that. The thing is once you get a stockpile you are suppose to USE items from your stockpile. In my opinion that is the reason for having one. The other thing about a my point of to get the things your family uses cheap and then once you have a stockpile of that item you won't have to get anymore until it is free or a moneymaker. That is how I do it and that is how I save us so much money.

An example. Let's use the Dial hand soap from the very first episode. The reason I am using this is because I did the exact same deal myself. Okay. The soap was $1 and you use a .35 coupon that doubles making this only .30 each. Now that is an AWESOME price. I think I had 7 coupons so over 4 different trips to this store...not in one day...I got them along with other items. (My Kroger only allows doubling of two like coupons in one transaction) So now I have 7 that I paid .30 for. Now the people on the show did show their stockpile. If you remember correctly the person that purchased this had a TON in their stockpile already. So my thing is if you already have 50 things of hand soap in your home then are you really saving money by going and buying 60 more? Even at .30 each that is $18 that you could have SAVED or spent on something else. Just my opinion. That is the main reason I don't like how they portray couponing on the show. Please if you are starting out don't just get something because you CAN. Get something because you NEED it!!!

I for one don't have all the room in the world for a stockpile like that. I honestly think you shouldn't coupon this way. Leave some for others. Be a considerate couponer. Use your coupons correctly. If you are unsure of something ASK! Most people are more than happy to help. One great site that I love is Have Coupons Will Travel. I promise you if you go to this site and ask a question no one will jump on you. No one will treat you like you are stupid. That is the only site I have seen...and I have seen a lot....that you don't see negative comments. You just don't.

I know this is long it is a rant, but I also wanted to say why. Let me know what you think of the show. I think the show would be a lot better if it helped others LEARN! Isn't TLC supposed to be The Learning Channel? Hmmmm. Ok I will hush now. :)

Have FUN couponing!!!

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