Friday, June 25, 2010


Man these storms have been crazy lately! We had another tornado warning Wednesday night. We didn't end up getting a tornado, but we had some really bad storms. They fried our cable box, modem and router. I had to miss work on Thursday since Mediacom couldn't make it until around 2 pm on Thursday. Well they came and replaced the cable box and modem. We didn't realize the router was fried yet. So we tried for hours to get everything working and on our second call to Linksys (router) they figured out the router was destroyed. So I had to go to Kmart since that is the closest store and get a new router. $65 later we got everything up and going so I was able to work today. So now we are going to have another sale tomorrow to try and make some extra money since we definitely weren't expecting that.

Hopefully the storms are done now!! I hate storms!!


  1. OMG Heather,what is it with the storms in your area??? Hopefully no more tornados. Well your gracefull mother broke her foot again,was cleaning out the Kia and slipped off the curb,just call me Grace. Good luck with the sale, hopefully the rain will stay away. Love always,Mom

  2. Wow mom! Hope you are ok! Couldn't have the sale it rained all weekend :(