Saturday, June 5, 2010

Mail Call 6/5

Not a lot in the mail today, but I got something from FedEx! I was chosen to be a National Consumer Panel member and I got the scanner and welcome package from FedEx today. I haven't watched the DVD yet or finished reading through all the paperwork, but it seems pretty cool!

They send you a scanner and you are suppose to scan everything you buy and enter if you use coupons and once a week you transmit it back to them. You earn points that you use to redeem for gifts. They sent a catalog with all of the prizes you can redeem. Most of the items you need ALOT of points to get. They include a prepaid return form, so if it gets to be too much and doesn't seem worth it you can send everything back for free. Once I read it a little more and actually start using it I will post some more info.

I also got:

OK magazine (free!!)

Free sample of Shirley J universal sauce.

Have a great weekend everyone!!

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