Monday, May 23, 2011

Well I have been reading on so many different sites all of these different issues people are having shopping at Walmart. It just makes me crazy. I haven't even really done any couponing since my last bad trip I had there (which was last year). The thing is I don't agree with the way people are being treated so I wrote a little note on their site. Here's what I wrote:

"I just have a general question for corporate. I don't have an issue with a specific store since my last bad coupon experience with your store I just take my business to other stores that gladly accept my coupons. Anyway I have heard so many horror stories regarding the cashiers at your stores all across the country. I am wondering if it is in your policy to allow your cashiers to treat customers that way? I have heard numerous reports of cashiers referring to someone using coupons as "you people" also accusing them of stealing, fraud etc. I really think that it is time for your company to retrain your cashiers and put a copy of your policy at all of the registers. There is absolutely no reason for people to have to be scared or humiliated because they are trying to provide for their families. I am just sick by all of this. Also it would be nice if you would pass along that most people that coupon don't like that Extreme Couponing show either and are not trying to do anything besides provide for their families. Thanks."

I know this probably won't do anything, but if I just think it and don't do anything then I'm not helping anything. :)

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