I noticed a few posts on other sites and blogs regarding the pdf coupons, specifically the Scotch Magic Tape one. They were concerned that the company only meant for customers to print one coupon and that they would not reimburse Walgreens for the tape purchases. So as I was reading these I thought there is one way to find out. So I emailed them letting them know I received the coupons after signing up for their newsletter and I was wondering how many I could print and if they were only meant for one per transaction. Here is the response I got:

Hello Heather,

Thank you for contacting 3M Stationery Division.

Some coupons may only allow one print. If other prints are available you
may print as many coupons as you would like. If the coupon states, "One per
household/purchase" or other such language then there is a limit as to how
many may be used accordingly.

Some retailers honor Internet printed coupons, other do not. The retailers
set their own policy in this regard. We suggest that you call the retailer
and ask for their policy (before making a trip to the store!).

Let us know if we may be of further assistance.

Best regards,

3M Stationery Products Division

Well the PDF's I have do not have any limits on them so I would say we are ok. Just wanted to pass this along in case anyone was wondering.