Friday, October 1, 2010

This Is How We Roll :)

Alright here are some tips on how to roll register rewards. What you want to do first is try to find the best/cheapest product to start out with. The free after register reward items are a great way to start.

~Make sure that you don't use the same register reward to buy a product that you got the register reward from. For Example. If you buy the Full Bar and get the $2 RR don't use the $2 RR from the Full Bar to buy another Full Bar.

~Remember you have to have the same amount of items as you do manufacturer's coupons. A register reward is considered a manufacturer's coupon. Walgreen's coupons aren't included.

~The amount of your purchase BEFORE tax has to be more than the amount of the register reward.

~You can only get ONE register reward per item per transaction. You can get multiple register reward deals for different items in one transaction, but not the same one. For example the Fullbar is $1.99 get $2.00 register reward. If you buy 2 Full Bars in one transaction you will only get ONE register reward.

~Fillers are a big part of using register rewards. You will need these if your total BEFORE taxes is lower then the amount of the register reward. For example. If you wanted to use the $2 RR from Pantene to buy the Full Bar you would need a filler, because the Full Bar is $1.99. So you want to find the cheapest product possible to bring your amount to over $2.

Another reason to use a filler is if you are using a register reward on an item you have a manufacturer's coupon for. Because as everyone knows we can't use TWO manufacturer's items on ONE item. So you would buy the cheapest thing possible so that the register reward can attach itself to that item.

~Another thing that seems to be happening a lot is with P&G items. If you use a register reward from a P&G item on another P&G item sometimes the register reward won't print. So I try to just avoid doing that. If you are buying newspapers you should have seen a P&G insert so you know that there are a lot of P&G items. Just be careful. Here's a list of their products just in case.

Now you can do this anyway that you would like, but the best way in my opinion is doing small transactions. This way you have the lowest out of pocket (oop) as possible. I will try to come up with some scenarios for next week.

If you would like to go tomorrow (Saturday) to pick up a free after register reward item to get started, here are a few that are available. Remember tomorrow is the last day to do these. If you would rather wait that is fine. :)

Fullbar Fit Appetite Control Bar 1.76 oz $1.99 = $1.99 RR (will actually be $2)

Emergen-C Vitamin C Supplement 10 pk $3.49 = $3.49 RR (will actually be $3.50)

Hyland's Cold 'n Cough 4 Kids 4 oz $4.99 = $4.99 RR (will actually be $5)

All register rewards are rounded up even though the ad shows them the above way. Now if you go to buy one of these to get started out for next week you won't need a filler since you are only buying ONE item and not using any coupons. The register reward will print out after you pay.

It can be a little confusing at first, but once you start doing it it will be like second nature. Remember you can always leave a comment or email me if you have any questions. :)

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