Friday, October 1, 2010

Phone Call Today

Well I got a phone call from someone (can't remember his name) from when I emailed Wal-Mart regarding my shopping trip. He tells me that their policy doesn't apply to sizes on products, and that as long as the coupon doesn't exclude trial size I can use it to buy the product. NO MATTER HOW MUCH IT COSTS. Hmmm isn't that what I tried to tell Miss Know It All cashier?? So I told him, yes I realize that. I tried to explain it to the cashier, CSM and the mystery person over the walkie-talkie thingy...:) He told me he had a meeting with all of the CSM's explaining to them how the policy works and made them all sign it. So we shall see. At least I got a call back. I also told him that I KNOW how coupons work and that I wouldn't try to use a coupon fraudulently. I mean we get so much stuff using coupons legally why would we try to use them incorrectly. Doesn't make sense. Anyway I told him I tried to explain it and he said next time ask for the "co-manager" if I have any problems. So within the next couple of days I will try again. Hopefully we get a better outcome this time! :)

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