Saturday, October 2, 2010

Cheap Lotion at Kroger

There is a catalina going on at Kroger right now. Buy 2 Suave lotion get $2 to use on your next order. They have the small ones at my Kroger for $1.09. Some other sites have reported them as low as .99. I had an OYNO from the Ziploc for $1.50. One thing I want to point out that you may already know is these are nothing like Walgreens Register Rewards. You can use the same one on your order and still get another. So you can buy one set of these and turn around and buy another, use your $2 OYNO and get another one. Have fun! There are 2 different kinds at my store. See picture :) Here's mine:

2 Suave lotion $1.09 ea

- $1.50 OYNO

=.84 (.16 is tax) Get $2 OYNO.

Now you could go get 2 more and use the $2 OYNO from this order and pay .18 + tax and get another $2 OYNO! If your stores price is lower it's even better! Keep rolling as much as you want or use the $2 on anything else you need in the store. The nice thing with OYNO's is they are great to use on products you don't usually get coupons for like meat. Have fun shopping!! :)

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