Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Family Dollar Coupon Book 2/28-3/27

Family Dollar coupons can be stacked with a manufacturer's coupon for the same product. View their coupon policy here. Here are the coupons in the book. This can be found right when you walk in by the sales ads. These all say limit one item per coupon per visit unless noted.

.50/1 Kraft Barbecue Sauce 18oz
.25/1 Kraft Mayo or Miracle Whip 12oz
.50/1 Kraft Salad Dressing 16oz
.50/1 Kraft Deluxe Macaroni & Cheese 14oz
.50/1 Any Planters Product 7-16oz
.50/1 Family Gourmet Canola Cooking Spray 6oz
.25/1 Family Gourmet Pure Vanilla Extract 1oz
.35 off wyb 1 Family Gourmet Pancake Mix 32oz and 1 Syrup 24oz at regular price
.75 off wyb 1 Family Gourmet Coffee 10.5oz and 1 Creamer 16oz at regular price
.25/1 Family Gourmet Shelled Walnuts 6oz
.25/1 Family Gourmet Apple Juice 64oz
.25/1 Betty Crocker Cake Mix 18.25oz or Frosting 16oz
.25/1 Hellmann's Mayonnaise 30oz
.50/1 Heinz Ketchup 20oz
.25/1 Frank's RedHot Sauce 5oz
.25/1 French's Mustard 8oz
.50/1 Tostinos Salsa 15-15.5oz
.50/1 Kellogg's Rice Krispies Cereal 12oz
.35/1 Quaker Oats 18oz
.50/1 Welch's Grape Jelly 32oz
.50/1 Armour Bacon 12oz or Armour Sizzle & Serve 6oz
.50/1 Eckrich Smoked Sausage 16oz
.75/1 Any Fast Fixin' Product 20.25-26.5oz
$1/1 Any Red Baron Pizza 12-22.1oz
.75/1 Breyer's Ice Cream 48oz
.25/1 Hormel Chili with Beans 15oz
.25/1 Family Gourmet Premium Chunk White Chicken 10oz
.35/1 Family Gourmet 100% Grated Parmesan Cheese 8oz
.25/1 Jif Peanut Butter 18oz
.25/1 Dinty Moore Big Bowls Meal 15oz
.35/1 Sun Maid Raisins 6oz
.25/1 Lawry's Seasoned Salt 8oz
Buy 1 Glad Food Storage/Freezer Bag 18-80ct or Gladware Container 2-12ct at regular price and get .50/1 Hidden Valley Ranch 160z
.25/1 Betty Crocker Au Gratin Potatoes 4.7oz
.50/1 M&M's Chocolate Candies 9.9-12.6oz
.50/1 Turtles Candy 3.5oz
.50/1 Tootsie Roll Pops 9.6oz or Midgees 11.4oz
.50/1 Dum Dum Pops 10.4oz
.50/1 Charms Blow Pop Asst Flavors 9.75oz
.50/1 Brach's Hawaiian Punch Jelly Beans 6oz
.50/1 Hershey's 6 Bar Big Pack 1.45-1.55oz
.50/1 Wrigley's Five Gum 15pc
.50/1 Pearson Mint Patties 10oz
.50/1 Ice Breakers Mints .54oz
.50/1 Peanut Butter Cups or Fun Favorites Candy 140z
.50/1 Life Savers 2.75-7.7oz or Starburst 7.2oz
Buy 1 Dole Bowl 4pk at regular price and get .35/1 Dole Pineapple chunks 20oz
.50/2 Armour Products 10-15oz
.50/2 Chow Mein Meals 3.5-4oz
.25/1 Sweet Sue Chicken & Dumplings 24oz

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