Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Target Trip 2/22

Target is having an awesome deal with their frozen food right now. This is a regional deal so check your ad to see if you have the gift card deal or the freezer bag deal. We have the gift card deal and the way it works is you buy ANY seven frozen products and you get a $5 gift card. Seriously anything frozen is included. Now normally I would do this and do small transactions and roll the gift cards, but we didn't do it that way today. I will go back on Friday or Saturday with the gift cards I got today and do it my way. :) Hubby was with so some extra items were added in. Another big shocker is I didn't have coupons for hardly anything I bought *gasp* :) Here's what I got:

1 Reese's Peanut Butter cups (dh) $2.99
1 Reese's Dark Peanut Butter cups (dh) $3.19
1 Slim Jim 2pk (dh) $1.54
2 20oz pop $1.59 ea
1 Presto Deep Fryer (dh) $22.99
2 Scott Bath Tissue 12 pks (dh thinks stockpiling is just buying a lot...doesn't realize we do it when they are free or cheap! ) $7.49 ea
1 3pk Dunlop Tennis Balls (these are for Fatboy..not in pic dh gave them to him as soon as we walked in) $1.69
2 Breyer's Ice Cream treats $2.99 ea
1 Breyers Ice Cream Samoas $3.99
1 Nestle Drumsticks $5.29
1 Market Pantry Ice Cream $5.49
5 Market Pantry various potato items $2.09 ea
6 Market Pantry Steak & Cheese Burritos $.84 ea
10 Weight Watcher's Smart Ones $1.80 ea - $5/$10 TQ & $3/$10 MQ = $1 ea
1 Skinny Cow Truffles $4.19
1 Alexia Sweet Potato Fries $2.74
1 Tyson Chicken Patties $4.50
1 Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwiches $4.54
1 State Fair Corn Dogs $3.19
2 TGI Fridays Chicken & Quesadilla (sp) $2.18 (clearance) - $4/2 TQ = .18 ea
2 Bagel Bites $2.49 - (2) $1 q's = $1.49 ea
Used $5 Gift Card from a previous transaction

Total: $116.41 (got $25 in gift cards) I haven't had a total like that in a LONG time at Target!

Just figured it out and $62.74 is the actual food so not too bad when you consider I got $25 in gift cards. :)

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